The Shell Shop

A couple of weekends ago, I headed out to Morro Bay with my mom and dad for a little day trip. Whenever we visit the seaside town, my eye is always drawn to the pretty pink and white sign of The Shell Shop. This time, we finally stepped inside the store and took a look at the thousands of shells and other curiosities for sale. There were so many interesting things to see, I had to snap a few photos.

There are shells from all over the world, as well as starfish, coral, and plenty of other oceanic odds and ends. Each piece has a sign displaying its name and where it is from. Also for sale are objects covered in shells, and novelty items like shell sculptures, conch lamps, and shell chandeliers.

Everyone needs a little googley-eyed shell owl, right? My favorite part of the shop is the signage, both the painted signs in the window and of course that giant shell-shaped sign.

Have you ever been to Morro Bay? I'd like to start sharing more places close to home, I just need to make myself feel less awkward about taking photos in public. There are actually a lot of neat places around here.


  1. Coolest store ever. I love the little green frogs with googly eyes.

  2. I didn't knew there were shops like these :o so lovely

  3. looks like a wonderful shop, those owls are adorable.
    your photos are beautiful! I love the colors. :)

  4. I randomly stopped there on a road trip and had so much fun! I think the shell shop was the highlight, followed closely by the volcanic "plug", hehe.

  5. Hahahaa, "Excells in shells." I love a good rhyme.

  6. When you wrote me about that place in the letter I imagined it exactly like that *_*
    So beautiful and magic. Perfect place for such lil mermaid like you <3


  7. Such a beautiful shop, I remember visiting similar shops along the North Wales coast when I was younger! I think I still have a little trinket box with shells all over it at home :)

    Bonjour, Blogger!

  8. wow, this looks like a super awesome shop! looove that sign, too.

  9. Hello! I just came across your blog and you take the most beautiful pictures ever oh my gosh *-* Amazing blog!!

  10. I like the pink & white shell sign, so retro.
    The second to last photo looks lovely makes me want to visit morro bay.

  11. soooo pretty!! I love that Disneyland shell =O
    I need to check out Morro Bay!


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