Renegade Holiday Shopping

This weekend will be our second time attending the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market in San Francisco. Last year was a bit of a letdown because we got there only hours before it closed and it was absolutely swamped, so I'm hoping this year we'll get there earlier and have more time to look around without feeling so rushed. I did my customary browse through all of the vendors' links and picked out a few neat things.

1. Macarons from Sweet Pistachio
2. Beatrice Bars from Double Dutch Sweets
3. A heart ring from SeoulLittle
4. Pink Dessert Art Print by Clap Clap Design
5. Mint & pink knit hat by Quiet Tiger
6. Lip & Cheek Stain from Fat and the Moon

So far I've purchased all of this year's Christmas gifts from Etsy sellers and other small businesses (I'll be blogging all about those great shops, but it'll have to be after Christmas of course). I feel like I've gotten so much, but there are still so many people on our list (mostly Jose's people, and he's not the best at choosing gifts), so I'm hoping we can finish everything up at Renegade. Most of all I'm looking forward to seeing Twinkie Chan and a few other wonderful crafters again!


  1. Dear Danielle,

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  2. LOVE that knit hat. It will be mine... oh yes... it will be mine.

  3. i want them all! that dessert print is LOVELY! I just checked out Clap Clap Design's Etsy and found the perfect prints for my friends! thanks for sharing!
    im excited for Renegade this weekend, though.. I still don't know which day im going yet!

  4. I love this shopping list! I think the hat is my favorite. I know I've said this many times, but I really want to go to Renegade again! Maybe this coming summer...

  5. Hello! This is neonsugarcookie on Instagram! And I was wondering where you get all of your amazing pastel clothes! Do you go to Disney a lot?


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