Our Gallery Wall

I am the absolute worst at decorating walls. We lived for three years in our previous house and I hardly put a single thing up. Confession: I have serious commitment issues when it comes to putting holes in walls! I also have an unrealistic vision that every frame I own would be perfect, and that everything I put up would go together in some way. That it will all look like one of those magazine-worthy walls. Well, that is probably never going to happen, and Jose has been asking me to just do it already for years, so slowly but surely, I'm getting a few things up. Some of the frames need to be slightly scooted over I think, but here's what we have up for now: an original painting (!!!) by Brigette Barrager, a vintage Pepsi magazine advertisement, and prints by Emily Martin, Hillary Bird, Dan Bob Thompson, and the wonderful miss Becky Filip.

I'm so excited to have an original piece by one of my very favorite artists! It took me weeks to finally decide on the perfect spot for it. I might trade out the vintage ad for an art print at some point, but I think overall it's coming along nicely. It's funny, I had been on the lookout for more elaborate frames at thrift stores for a few years, found a few and painted them all white, and by the time I was ready to start hanging things, my tastes changed and I wanted everything to be simplistic so I went with mostly Ikea frames. I think I'll use the vintage ones in our bedroom, but now there's a whole new task of finding art for those frames. Uh oh, now I'm feeling nervous again! And we'll be doing a photo wall! Yikes. Before I get ahead of myself, obviously those empty frames up there are still in need of some art, so here are a few very nice prints I have my eye on.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

They're beautiful and they go with our couch, so that's a good thing. I saw the California map print in person at Renegade Craft Fair last weekend and it was so pretty but we we're trying not to spend too much at the fair so we'll have to get it later. And the little crab painting by Jon Klassen is actually a greeting card that says "YOU DID IT"... the tiny triumphant crab at the top of the rock just kills me.

Lily digs it.


  1. I completely understand the commitment phobia with holes in walls. It took a LONG time to put up pictures in our home too. In the end I made the fella drill the holes, I just couldnt do it!
    We have a similar gallery wall, I love it. And I look forward to seeing yours evolve!

  2. very beautiful collection.... i don't have any idea how to wear my walls... and i habe a tiny flat appartment, it's hard to have a nice decor ! (sorry for my little english i'm french)

  3. this looks really great.. love the collection!

  4. I think this looks totally magazine worthy. :)

    I love the art you chose so much! It all looks wonderful together. I agree though, it is tough making a hole in the wall. It makes me way too nervous.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment and for stopping by my blog. Your blog is lovely. It's so nice to meet you!

  5. I am with you in terms of slacking on hanging art. But I love your collection, especially the oval piece--it really pops--and I feel inspired to hang next week when we move!