California Fun: Hollywood

The first real Los Angeles stop on our Vintage L.A. Adventure was Hollywood. Jose and I go to Hollywood a few times a year, so we're pretty familiar with the area, but we had never really gone for strictly touristy reasons, and this time we had Liezl with us to share in the fun as well, so it was quite a different experience from our usual visits. Our first sight to see was the famous Hollywood sign, naturally. The winding residential road leading up to the viewing spot was a little precarious. It's a bit surreal to be standing so close to such an iconic sign, and let me tell you, it might not look so big in these photos, but it's pretty darn huge.

I love Jose's "rugged man" pose. Once I had taken about thirty photos of the sign from every possible angle, we got back in the car and drove over to the Walk of Fame area. We walked to Grauman's to view all of the celebrity hand and footprints. It was pretty crowded, but most of the people there were swarming around the newest prints belonging to the cast of Twilight.

Next, we got a bit turned around, walked around in the hot sun for a while, and eventually found our way to Amoeba Music for some record and book browsing. I wish we had a record store in town at all, let alone one as massive as Amoeba. They had some pretty great art books for sale, including a copy of Cinderella illustrated by Mary Blair that was a little too expensive for my taste, but Liezl found a few treasures to take home.

One place I wanted to visit that was not a part of the "vintage" aspect of our tour was Kat Von D's Wonderland Gallery. The exhibition was a collection of photos of Vampira, many of them rare behind the scenes shots. The gallery is also a boutique that sells books, accessories, art, and clothing. I must have a lot more in common with Kat Von D the I would've ever guessed because almost everything in there was something I would've picked out myself if I had my own shop. They were selling a few pieces by Giant Dwarf, so I bought the last rose heartlette crown they had. I also got to look at a gold starlette crown in person... ooooh someday.

What better way to end a day in Hollywood than to watch a couple of classic films in the theatre that housed the first-ever Hollywood premiere? To cap off our evening, we attended a screening of Freaks and my favorite "scary" movie, Carnival of Souls at the gorgeous Egyptian Theatre. We did a lot of walking in Hollywood, so it was a treat to sit in a cool place for a few hours. What an amazing venue! As they say, hooray for Hollywood! Hehe.


  1. These photos are gorgeous, one day I would love to visit LA, it seems like such a vibrant, varied place. Sounds like an amazing day xo

  2. YES! My hood. I love Hollywood and all it's wonderful history!

  3. I've always wanted to visit the west coast and in specific Los Angeles but I've yet to shimmy over that way - hopefully one day I'll get to. I loved Mary Blair's illustrations, I bet that Cinderella book was astounding. I love the crown you picked up and we have an Egyptian theater near where I live but they rarely show older movies.


  4. Whoa, thanks for blogging about the Vampira thing, I had no clue. And I LIVE in Los Angeles, so that just makes it pathetic. You'd figure I'd hear all about this stuff.

  5. Your Vintage LA tour looks so incredible! Whenever I got to LA, it seems I always miss these places. I've never been to that Amoeba location, but the one in Berkeley is pretty cool. (:

    PS I love your hair!

  6. I am so in love with your blog, especially these posts about California! I've wanted to visit Hollywood ever since I was a little girl. It just looks like such a magical place! So, a huge thank you for sharing all of your adventures there. I can kind of live vicariously through you until I get there one day. ;)
    xo Mandy

  7. So glad to have found you! (through Deer Donna)
    I so need that book, I live in San Diego and whenever we do go to LA we leave so disappointed, last time we went we just ended up going to the Santa Monica pier instead because we couldn't find ANYTHING interesting to do :/ the Madonna Inn is definitely on my bucket list now though! Thanks :)