The Cats & Our New Home

When we first moved in to our new place, I was a little nervous about how the cats would adjust. Our new home is much more spacious than our old house, so I knew they would like having more room to run around and explore. Mostly I wondered how they'd react to the stairs. When we first brought them in, we let them out on the bottom floor so they could wander around and get comfortable before finally meeting the stairs.

Sweeney got comfortable pretty quickly. When I came home from work the next day, I looked everywhere trying to find him, but I couldn't. Then I looked up. Of course, he had found the highest point in the entire house and claimed it as his chill out spot. Lily took a bit longer to feel safe, but he eventually made his way to the top of that cabinet too. The scary sound of the garage door sent him running under the bed for the first few weeks, but now it doesn't phase him.

There's a little peek at the spiffy new-to-us couch I found on Craigslist. And a tasty pita.

We had kind of a competition to see whose cat would figure the stairs out first, and I'm proud to say that Lily was the winner. It's so funny to watch them, especially when Lily runs up really fast, and he looks like a bunny. Sweeney is so fat, he kind of totters around going downward. One thing that makes me really nervous is when they hop up on the ledge... it's a pretty long fall, and they may be cats, but they're not the brightest.

"You should put this frame right here!" They're supposed to be helping, but they're a bit lazy.


  1. Your cats are adorable. I think it's fun when cats figure things out. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment. Our cat loves it when we move the furniture around. He can access new parts of the room and explore them.

  2. SO jealous of your adorable and clean new home. xoxo

  3. CANNOT believe you found that couch on Craigslist! what a score! It's stunning. And these photos of your cats could not be more adorable. Your house, and the things in it, are gorgeous. I love that mid-century sliding door console!

  4. Argh they're so cute!!!! Sailor jerry would loooove those stairs too!!! :)

  5. Hooray guys!! Happy new home to you! :) The couch is great! What a score! Everything looks so bright! I laughed out loud at the "cat on cabinet" pic! Our cat Zoe did the same thing. She was a lunatic! alllllways had to be at the highest point in the room. She'd run around with her ears back like a crazed gremlin and then actually run up the side of our tv cupboard. It was like...if you blinked you'd miss it. SO SO FAST! As a kitten she'd sleep in Aaron's closet on the "shoulder" of the row of hung clothing. Make sense? So so nutty!

    Hope you guys are enjoying nesting! Can't wait to see more pics!

    Love from the NJ Shore!
    xo Jenny

    ps.. front page of hellocotton again! Holla!!

  6. your grey kitty reminds me of the family cat I use to have growing up

  7. You took some great photos of them! I'm not much of a cat person, but I found myself slowly scrolling through with genuine interest. Glad to head you're all enjoying your new place! The new-to-you couch looks really nice, from what I can see.

  8. Your cats are so gorgeous! I love how they claimed the tallest point of the house, that's what my cat does too! If we ever lose her, we know we can always find her on top of the cupboards, haha.