One Fab Mom

A very happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers and mother figures out there! My mom is awesome; that's her up there, in a photo from her high school production of The Miracle Worker. Isn't that a great photo? She had to work today so we went out to dinner last night and gave her a striped sun hat for our Disneyland trip this summer (and my parents' vacation to Hawaii, lucky ducks!), her favorite snickerdoodle cookies, and a mix CD I made for her. I started making mixes for her years ago, and it's a tradition now. She's always been very talented in music; she was in countless musicals in high school and beyond, she sings in choir and with my dad, and she sings in a band. She asked me to sing with her at a gig last month and I was terrified but it ended up being fun! She's also super creative and crafty; she was a DIY star for our wedding planning!

I love you, Mom! Here's to more cupcake dates, estate sale hunting, and drama reunion Disneyland trips!


  1. Awww, your mom is super cool!

  2. your mum is such a babe and just like you!!! gorgeous wedding shot too!! XO

  3. Ahh she is absolutely gorgeous! That shot of her from Miracle Worker? Positively stupendous <3

  4. Awwwwwww so so sweet!!! :) Lucky girl!! Annnd lucky mom, having YOU as a daughter! :)

    Thanks for sharing!! :)