Cupcakes in March

A few weeks ago, we visited Enjoy and I brought my copy of Zooey Magazine, since Kevin and Amber hadn't been able to get ahold of a copy. We got to sit around and talk to Kevin for a while, which was really nice, and of course we got some delicious cupcakes (including two mini flights, but don't worry, I gave one of them to my mom, I didn't hoard them all). I had a regular sized Tangelo Chardonnay, and Mr. Hater of Cake Jose got a regular Bailey's Chocolate Mousse, which he said he liked pretty well for not liking cake. He also had a glass of wine though, so he was happy. Then Kevin headed off with the fabulous cupcake trailer to the "Modern Family" wrap party (isn't this picture of him ridiculously awesome?).

Going, going, gone! Last weekend we went to get a couch I found on Craigslist from Solvang, and we passed Enjoy on the way back home, but actually didn't stop in since we needed to get the truck we were borrowing back to its owner... it did not feel right at all.

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