Happy Birthday, Jose!

My super-duper-crazy-amazing partner in crime turned 28 today! Getting to spend pretty much every day with Jose is definitely the best part of my life. I am so proud of him every single day, and I am beyond excited that after so many years of hard work and dedication, this year he finally achieved his dream of becoming a teacher. This year, everything is finally starting to pay off for him, and he deserves every bit of happiness he gets. I'm looking forward to whatever adventures we get ourselves into! To celebrate his day here on the blog, I snapped a few pictures of some of his favorite things.

He's a huge lifelong Star Wars fan, and collects Pez dispensers.

He has a least thirty lighters, and loves Marilyn.

He's the biggest fan of The Boss; hopefully we'll get to see him in concert someday.

The Elvis sunglasses! Some of Jose's students call him Elvis (or Wolverine).

He's a total history buff, particularly when it comes to the Kennedys.

Watch out, that guy looks like trouble! Happy Birthday, you little stinker!


  1. this is too cute! happy birthday jose!

  2. Awww, this post is so adorable :) happy birthday to your man.

  3. awww...so so sweet!! Happy Happy Birthday Jose! :)

    Have you guys ever been to Asbury Park?! That's where we are from! :) Lots of Boss sightings! And funnnny stories! I kid you not! He's awesome! :)


  4. This is such a sweet post. Happy birthday to Jose!
    -Andi x

  5. awwww beautiful post!! looks like he has lots of passions too =)

  6. Omg! Those pez dispensers are so cool!

  7. He has good taste in sunglasses! Love those!


  8. starstruck by the vintage pez dispensers... what a cool thing to collect! happy birthday to your man.