Vintage Valentine

A few months ago, I found this sweet old Valentine's Day card at an estate sale. I love the style of the Valentines from years ago; the sayings were always a bit cheesy, but the artwork was so darling. I especially like the little kittens, and the girl's cute shoes.

This is the first real vintage Valentine I've found so far, but a few years ago, I printed out some of my favorites from the internet and made them into a garland for our house. I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for more genuine cards though.


  1. Hey Miss Danielle, not to rush you or anything, but any update on the belated Christmas package? Every day I come home hoping to see it and when I don't I automatically assume one of my annoying neighbors stole it. Please tell me you're still working on it so I can stop being paranoid.

  2. EEEEEE! The "ghost to show you" one is my favorite! I made one with a glittered bat that said, "I'm batty about you" but I didn't get a picture of it! Sad day. :-( These are delightful!

  3. Oh my, the vintage Valentines cards are so sweet!