Pirate Week: Printable Bunting Project

It's almost the end of Pirate Week, and I wanted to thank you for following along by offering a fun pirate printable I made. This little banner features seven lovely pirate ladies, and you can find the link to download the flags a bit further down in this post. The girls can be left black and white, or you can color them in yourself if you wish. I printed mine out on regular paper, but I suggest using card stock to make it a bit sturdier.

After you have printed the page, cut the flags out. I included a blank flag, so if you like, you can use it as a template if you want to cut additional flags out of patterned scrapbook paper and alternate them like I did.

You can use string, yarn, cord, twine, or whatever else you like to hang everything up. I arranged the flags in the order I wanted them, then started in the middle of the string and worked my way out, gluing each one on. I used a glue stick, then folded each flag in half over the string.

The Pirate Lady Bunting template can be saved as an image file HERE or downloaded as a PDF file HERE. Note that the page is only the pirate ladies and one blank flag, the striped flags are just scrapbook paper I had around the house, so you can add any kind of paper you wish, or you can have an all-pirate banner, which looks great too.

I put together a last-minute mini pirate party to display my new banner, complete with plenty of Pirate's Booty and a margarita (I only have martini glasses!) with coconut-flavored tequila. My own little pirate paradise. We were hoping to have a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon, but then we realized we only have the first two movies.

I hope you enjoy! I'd like to do more things like this, if anyone is interested. If you do make your own banner, I would love to see pictures!

Pirate Week: Dressing the Part

It is possible to dress like a pirate without it being an over-the-top costume. I have been incorporating pirate elements into my clothing for years. I'm a sucker for peacoats and jackets with a nautical flair. I always gravitate toward stripes. Boots are great as well. My beaded skeleton boots are one of my very favorite things in the world to wear. I should have bought two pairs, because I've had them for so many years I've worn the soles down to practically nothing, so now I only bring them out once in a while.

Wearing: Dress - Forever 21, Jacket - H&M via Buffalo Exchange, Cameo pin - my grandmother's, Purple scarf - Wet Seal, Necklace - Delia*s, Boots - Scavenge, Tights - had them forever.

For years, I was the queen of striped socks and tights; I wore a pair pretty much every day. After wearing many pairs until they had huge holes, I still have a lot, but I rarely wear them out since I'm usually in ballet flats.

That's not even all of them! People still give me striped socks as gifts, so I like to put them on while lounging around at home.

Liezl sent me these awesome buttons. I love the illustrations.

Pirate Week: Disneyland & The Red Carpet

I hope everyone is enjoying these pirate posts! For this installment, I am sharing a few photos of my pirate experiences at Disneyland. As a teenager, my very first job was being a Disney pirate. There I was, making my way through the park to get to the ride, dressed in a bright maroon and orange pirate costume, when I received my first-ever question from a guest. "Do you work here?" Well, I can't say I normally walk around dressed like that, wearing a name tag no less. Oh, goodness. Don't laugh!

My other Disney piratey times were attending the world premieres of the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean films. I have a button for each of the first three premiere events (the first one was given to me by a friend who worked there at the time). For Dead Man's Chest, my wonderful friend Liezl and I hauled ourselves to the park extremely early in the morning to grab a spot on Main Street next to the red carpet. I believe we sat there for about thirteen hours before the action started, but it was so much fun to see everyone in person and I snapped a ton of pictures. Though I feel like a huge dope for never getting one of me and Liezl together.

For the At World's End premiere, Jose and I planned to get up super early to get a good spot, but we ended up oversleeping quite a bit, so instead we enjoyed rides at the park for most of the day and then went to see some of the stars arrive at the front gate later on.

Johnny Depp came out while Jose was in the bathroom (with the camera!), so we weren't very close. As soon as Jose came back out, he jumped up and got this neat picture of Mr. Depp's back in the middle of so many flashing cameras.

We weren't able to attend the premiere for the latest movie this year, but we definitely hope to go to the next one!

Pirate Week: Costume Designs

One of the best projects I did in college was designing costumes for Bertolt Brecht's The Threepenny Opera. We were each able to come up with our own design concept for the show, collect a body of research and inspirational images and materials, and then go ahead and draw up the designs, including fabric swatches. My concept was to combine the fashion of the 1920s with pirate elements. I am very proud of how my designs came together and I would love to see them come to life in a real show.

Above, some inspirational images, my typed concept, and a few preliminary sketches. Below are some of the final designs, with swatches attached. I love the colors and textures of the fabrics I was able to find.

Here are a few close-ups of the details.

I love the look of these vintage ladies in pirate gear. The main inspiration for my design concept was the bottom center photo.