Grandma Shirley's Albums Part Two

My grandma's albums are filled with her little notes written in white ink.
I absolutely love her delicate handwriting, it's so pretty!

Her sister, my great aunt Jean, who is still alive and hilarious.

Grandma and Jean holding my uncle / My great uncle Chuck and Opa Milton

These photos of my Opa (on the left) and his military buddies are wonderful!

My grandma's collection of cocktail napkins, complete with handwritten dates.

Grandma Shirley's Albums Part One

I absolutely love looking at my Grandma Shirley's photo albums. During World War II, she was one of those Rosie the Riveter gals, working at Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, California, like these ladies. I always keep an eye out for her whenever I see photos like those. This particular album seems like it was mostly compiled before Grandma met my Opa Milton. It is filled with little mementos, portraits of her friends, lots of silly photos of herself, and a few letters.

What a funny lady she was! I'll be sharing more tomorrow.