Grandma Shirley's Albums Part Two

My grandma's albums are filled with her little notes written in white ink.
I absolutely love her delicate handwriting, it's so pretty!

Her sister, my great aunt Jean, who is still alive and hilarious.

Grandma and Jean holding my uncle / My great uncle Chuck and Opa Milton

These photos of my Opa (on the left) and his military buddies are wonderful!

My grandma's collection of cocktail napkins, complete with handwritten dates.

Grandma Shirley's Albums Part One

I absolutely love looking at my Grandma Shirley's photo albums. During World War II, she was one of those Rosie the Riveter gals, working at Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, California, like these ladies. I always keep an eye out for her whenever I see photos like those. This particular album seems like it was mostly compiled before Grandma met my Opa Milton. It is filled with little mementos, portraits of her friends, lots of silly photos of herself, and a few letters.

What a funny lady she was! I'll be sharing more tomorrow.

Generations Album

During my latest trip to the public library, I checked out two very different types of craft books; Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, and Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts. I love Amy Sedaris, I think her newest book is even more hilarious than I Like You. I always enjoy Martha Stewart's crafts, even if a lot of them are a bit too skilled for me. One of the projects in her book that I really loved was the Generations Album, an album filled with old family photos and trinkets. You can find the instructions on creating your own album here.

I definitely have a soft spot for old photos and photo albums, whether they're of my own family, or found in an antiques shop. I can't believe anyone would part with such treasures. Maybe it's kind of weird to collect pictures of people I don't know, but some of the photos are just too interesting to pass up. I also collect old empty albums, hopefully to someday fill them with my own photos. I love the black pages, and the little black photo corners. I found this white and gold album in Oregon, and the little wooden album was from an estate sale years ago. The photos have been collected from here and there, over many years.

My mom has two fantastic albums from the 1940s and 1950s that belonged to her mother, who passed away when I was about ten. They are packed with pictures labeled in her handwriting, plus lots of notes and even a collection of cocktail napkins. I will be sharing some snippets from those over the next couple of days. They're amazing!

Closet Clean-out Sale

Through a very recent series of unfortunate events, there's a good chance that we might be a bit behind on the rent for next month, so we've got to make some money before the end of this month. We're selling pretty much whatever we can at a yard sale, and I've put the nicer things up for sale online. I added lots of new things, some of my very favorite pieces, so if you looked during the sale for Lily, please have another look! I hate selling some of these things because I really like them, but I'd rather one of you lovely people have it if I can't. I've also put several of my original watercolors up for sale.

Have a look!

Thank you!

Wedding: Our Video and In-N-Out

Yay, I love it! Hope you enjoyed! Here are a few photos from after the wedding, when we went on a little run to In-N-Out Burger to pick up some dinner.

My uncle took these photos. I'm going to try and put together a little tutorial on making our carnival banner, so if there's anything else like that you'd like to see, let me know. I know I didn't go into a whole lot of detail about everything, mostly because having to shut my dying computer down every twenty minutes is making everything a hundred times more tedious, so I'm doing everything on three different computers and it takes forever! Thank you to everyone for your sweet comments throughout this week, I appreciate them so much! I'm glad I finally got to share our wedding with you!

Wedding: Our Reception

Now for everyone's favorite part, our reception! There are soooo many pictures to share, so sorry if it kills anyone's computer. While we were taking more photos on the beach, our guests walked to the reception tent and snacked on fruits, veggies, and fresh popcorn being popped in an old-fashioned machine. The music was provided by my dad's 18-piece jazz big band. We also played a bunch of CDs I made with of some of our favorite songs; indie folk, old jazz, and Danny Elfman for me, and plenty of rockabilly, Chuck Berry, Elvis, and Bruce Springsteen for Jose. As bubbles floated in the breeze, we entered the tent to our favorite piratical song...

Neither of us were huge fans of dancing in front of everyone by ourselves, so we mostly talked about how awkward it was while we were dancing! I am a horrible dancer, and I much prefer silly dancing to fancy dancing. It was a lot more fun once everyone else came out on the floor and we weren't in the spotlight.

Jamie made herself cry (and me too!) with her toast, even though it was supposed to just be funny. Aw! We're so ridiculous.

Jose doesn't like cake, so we had different kinds of donuts instead. Rasberry-filled for Jose, lemon-filled for me. I found our little Día de los Muertos topper in Old Town San Diego. It was one of the first things I bought for our wedding, and it has a place of honor on our shelf at home.

If only I had made a different face while tossing that bouquet, yikes! Also, anyone who says not to have a money dance is crazy! It was really fun, and everyone was quite generous!

Well, there you have it! Jose and I were so happy with our entire wedding; it was truly one of the best days ever! Not only did I get to marry my very favorite person, but we got to have an awesome party with so many wonderful people. Our family and friends all enjoyed themselves, and we were so glad to show everyone a great time. I can't thank Alex enough for capturing our day so beautifully, and we will always treasure every single photo of our little carnival. I know this should be my last wedding post since this is the seventh day of the series, but I have to share our video and a few other things, so I hope nobody minds if I squeeze in another post tomorrow! If anyone has any questions about any part of the wedding, from the process to where I found things, just ask! Also, there are a ton more photos here if you want to see more.