To the Circus with Etsy

In keeping with my circus theme, I put together an Etsy Treasury made up of circus inspired art. There are a lot of wonderful artists included, so please take a look if you like. I also listed four brand new prints in my own shop.

The movie was wonderful, by the way! Beautifully shot, and it made me cry a little. Or a lot. I'll be back soon with more circus goodies!

The Circus is Coming to Town

Water for Elephants

I have been eagerly anticipating the Water for Elephants film ever since I first heard that it was going to be a movie. The book is definitely one of my all-time favorite novels, and I've been avidly following the film's production since the very beginning. When the first teaser trailer was released, I did a happy dance. Now, it is finally coming to theaters tomorrow, and I'm attending the first showing in town, because I can't wait! I made a polyvore collage of what I'd like to wear, inspired by the look of the film.

The film actually looks so much like what I pictured as I read the book. It is so visually stunning, it's breathtaking. I know I'll be drooling over the costume design especially. The circus and the 1930s; what a dream! I think a lot of fans of the book have been critical of Robert Pattinson being cast as Jacob, but I'm not worried; from what I've seen he's done quite well. I think the entire cast is pretty close to perfect. Caps are from this great movie fansite.

I also love what they've done with the promotion of the film and its stars. The photo shoots for Entertainment Weekly and Vogue both have a beautiful vintage circus look. The toy elephant is something I bought from a thrift store many years ago. I love his velvety texture and his shiny little button eyes.

Now that I have my own copy (the previous one was checked out from the library), I am rereading the book. Also, I think I will be doing a few more circusy posts throughout the next few days, in honor of the film's release. Perhaps I might even squeeze out a little bit of new circus-inspired art.

More of The Honey Trees

Last weekend, I went to see The Honey Trees once again; this time with my fabulous friend Toni who is a friend of the band. I had been planning on doing gift portraits of Becky and Jacob for a while, so a few weeks prior to the show, I started scouring every thrift store in the area for a nice pair of frames.

I didn't find the perfect pair until the day before the concert, and I couldn't start painting until I knew the size of frames I was working with, so I quickly got to work on the watercolor portraits and finished them just in time to frame them and wrap them up to take along with me to the show. I used some of the pretty mustard yellow tissue paper from the package that Sue sent me.

The Honey Trees were opening for a band called Bonnie Dune. An actor from Glee is the drummer in the band, so the venue was a lot more packed and a lot crazier than it was the last time I went. However, I was able to take much clearer photos this time around, and I'm so pleased with how they turned out. Here are some of my favorite shots of the night.

After the show, I gave Jacob and Becky their portraits, and hooray, they loved them! They were even kind enough to mention my Etsy shop on their Twitter. I'm so glad I've sort of gotten over my extreme shyness and was able to talk with them. They're wonderful people, and I can't wait until they record their full-length album.

I finally had the perfect opportunity to wear my Starlette Crown, and received tons of compliments on it all day. During their set, Becky looked down at me in the audience and said she liked it. One girl even said it was the best part of the night, haha.

Jose and I also went to see Jacob and Becky perform an acoustic show last month, which was gorgeous. Super-unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera, so I only took pictures with my phone. Someone else took this amazing photo though.

I also bought these prints of Becky's art at the acoustic show.
You can buy other prints of hers on Etsy and Big Cartel.

A Simpler Lifestyle

I worry entirely too much. Jose reminds me of this all the time. Sometimes I need to remind myself to just stop worrying, and enjoy the simple things. Lately, I've felt an overwhelming desire to purge a lot of the clutter from my life, to make room to better enjoy the things I love the most. Organization and white space sound comforting.

Things like eating a delicious snack from a pretty dish are nice and calming.

Of course handsome kitty cats do the trick as well.

He always puts a smile on my face, no matter how complicated life may seem.