The Honey Trees Show

Last night, Jose and I went to see The Honey Trees play at SLO Brewing Co, and we had such a wonderful time! I had been wanting to see the band play live for a long time, and was so excited to finally be able to make it to one of their shows.

The Honey Trees

The Honey Trees are an indie folk pop band from Sacramento and San Luis Obispo. This beautiful portrait of band members Becky Filip and Jacob Wick was taken by Becky's ridiculously talented brother, Simon Filip. He also gorgeously shot a music video for them, which you must see!

Before the show, we wandered around town for a little while.

Then we ate an early dinner, or late lunch, whichever you prefer. We ran into a friend at the restaurant, so we all headed to the brewery a little early to share some drinks.

The band was fantastic! They were opening, so they only played for about half an hour, but I enjoyed their set so much. Interestingly enough, Jose knew their bassist, a former coworker of his.

Most of the photos I took ended up pretty blurry, since I was more interested in enjoying the show, and since I'm far from an experienced concert photographer. I like them anyway, though.

After the set, we got to talk to Becky and Jacob a bit. Well, Jose did most of the talking since I am pretty shy, but I managed to squeak out a few words to each of them. They were very gracious, and Jose snapped a photo of the three of us.

I bought their E.P. since I previously only had the digital version of the album, as well as a beautiful print made by Becky. I can't wait until they play another show in town so I can see them again.

Treasures and Gifts

This past weekend, Jose and I were on the hunt for an end table to replace our rickety old one. We scoured every thrift store in town, and then headed to an estate sale I saw on Craigslist. Well, we still haven't found a table, but we found plenty of other goodies at that sale!

The lady must have been a seamstress and hat maker; there were loads of vintage sewing supplies, as well as a few boxes of vintage hats. I'm kicking myself for not buying any of those (the few I did like had torn veils and I wasn't going to kid myself into thinking I'd ever get around to fixing them), but I did find a nice little suitcase, as well as some super swanky glasses.

Yesterday I received the most wonderful package of trinkets from Marie, for making her little puppet. She really spoiled me! A lot of the items are from Pygmy Hippo, Marie's friend Emi's shop in Los Angeles. I want to go there so badly! Check out those amazing tiny colored pencils, so cute!

I'll be watching this soon; sooo much better than my recorded-from-tv version. Look at all of this stuff! I love the old fashioned candy sticks, they're so pretty.

I think the anchor necklace is my favorite.

Thank you so much Marie!


One of my favorite day trips is to drive over to San Luis Obispo. It's only about thrity minutes away, and it's fun to walk around downtown, even if you're just wandering aimlessly. There are always lots of things to do and see. They even have a Farmer's Market every Thursday. Last week, Jose and I went to see Black Swan at The Palm.

There are so many great restaurants in SLO, but ever since Chipotle opened a restaurant there last year, we've only eaten there, because Jose absolutely loooooves it, to the point where he would eat there every day if he could.

I'll admit, it is pretty goshdarn tasty. Their vegetarian burritos are awesome. Lots of peppers and onions, and my very favorite, their cilantro lime rice. Yessss. I can never finish a burrito in one sitting though, they are huge. For real Mexican food though, we stay in town.

San Luis is very photogenic; a lot of nice scenery and beautiful old buildings.

There's my fashion blogger pose, haha. Awkward.

Hep Kat is both a clothing store and a beauty salon (and where I get my hair done). On the right is Bubble Gum Alley, where Jose took a photo of me which landed in Uppercase Magazine.

I really enjoyed the movie! I predict a lot of swans this Halloween. Too bad I never finished my costume, I would've been way ahead of the wave.

Las Vegas Adventures, Part Three

Here is the final Las Vegas post: photos!

We have a lot of New York, New York and Luxor photos since our shuttle usually let us off in that area. That's my cousin Jamie, my maid of honor and all around super sister-like pal.

Sort of Terry Richardson esque. I don't know why, but squishing Jose's face is one of my favorite things to do, and it cracks me up every time.

The Titanic Artifact Exhibition is pretty amazing. We went last time we were in Vegas, and couldn't pass up going again. Titanic history has been a big interest of mine for many years (as a kid I wanted to decorate my room in the style of one of the staterooms, haha), and they have so many great pieces on display, including a huge salvaged chunk of the hull, called the Big Piece. There is also a full-scale recreation of the Grand Staircase and other parts of the ship. Unfortunately they don't allow photography, or else I probably would've taken hundreds of pictures. The model above was on display outside of the exhibition.

Taken at T & T (didn't eat there, just used the photobooth).

We visited some cats and dolphins at the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat.

Hello there, Vegas!

I have wanted to go to Serendipity 3 for a pretty long time. I love the look and style of the restaurant, and of course I loooove ice cream. When we got there we were told that the wait would be over an hour to be seated, so we opted to order from the less fancy takeout window, but it was still fantastic! I had a cookies & cream sundae and fries (hey, this is vacation!). Delicious!

Jose loves to make unflattering eating faces for photos, haha!

Next was my favorite hotel, The Venetian. I would love to stay there someday.

I picked up my favorite macarons at Bouchon. So good!

I still have almost all of them; I don't want them to be gone!
Don't worry, they actually still taste like they were just made.

Then on to our beloved Madame Tussaud's.

He's way better at taking photos with figures than I am. I never know what to do.

For our last full day, we visited Circus Circus and hunted down some of their photobooths. There are five of them there, for any fellow booth enthusiasts. I think this is definitely a contender for my favorite outfit. Very New Yearsy and festive. I love love love my starlette sparkler by Giant Dwarf. Someday I will get my hands on a starlette crown.

That's about it! Be sure to check out my previous Las Vegas posts here and here if you missed any of the fun!

Las Vegas Adventures, Part Two

Other things of note:

-We did a teensy bit of gambling. I bet a dollar and lost 75 cents. Jose lost 5 dollars, then later won 5 dollars.

-Lots of ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars around the whole week. One ambulance hopped the divider to get to the freeway.

-Our knight at the Tournament of Kings was definitely the most handsome, but was supposed to be from Spain and looked the least Spanish of any of the knights (blondie surfer looking guy). We were suuuuper into it though, my throat hurt the next day from screaming. I highly recommend this!

-On the way home we got kind of lost for a few hours, the GPS kept trying to get us onto dirt roads, and it seemed a lot like the beginning of a chainsaw massacre movie. Then once we knew where we were it started snowing a lot, many roads were closed, and we ended up in bumper to bumper traffic almost the entire way home. It ended up taking about ten hours!

Next up will be some photos from the trip.

Las Vegas Adventures, Part One

For the first installment of my show-and-tell about our Vegas vacation, here's a little video I made. I was going to save it for last but I'm too excited to share it! The music is by a wonderful band called Hey Marseilles. I hope you enjoy it, and more will be coming very soon!

Nifty Gifties & Vegas

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I've been missing for a while because I went on a family vacation to Las Vegas from Christmas until after New Year's Day, and I didn't have internet access (the hotel was charging ten dollars a day, yikes!). Then I just got kind of lazy, haha. Anyway, I was super lucky when it came to Christmas gifts; I got almost my entire wishlist! Jose gave me a nice warm robe and art supplies (even a portfolio, which I've never had before). I received a very pretty black lace parasol and an ipod speaker dock from my parents. My very thoughtful and kind friend Liezl sent me Dame Darcy's Meat Cake, and my friend Phillip gave me Emily Martin's paper doll book, hooray!

Another reason I've been blog-absent is that I've been putting together multiple posts about our Vegas trip, which will include photos, a video, and possibly even some comics. It was a pretty crazy trip; all kinds of weird, random things happened to us! Hopefully I'll be sharing some of that starting tomorrow.

Did you do anything exciting for the holiday?