Wintry Shimmer

Still Sicky McSickerson over here, but I have a few peeks at our Christmas decorations to share today. I am really picky when selecting winter decor; I'm not much for the usual bright red and dark green for the most part, I'm more partial to silver and muted blues. We are slowly adding to our small collection year by year. It's a challenge decorating with two destructive felines in the house, so our tiny white tree is way up out of reach for the cats who would otherwise destroy it. Also, this is the first year we've put lights up outside (rather Jose put them up), and so far we're one of the only houses on the block to do so.


  1. Sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. I'm with you on the color scheme for Christmas, I prefer silver and blue tones instead of bright red and green. I do like red though, so maybe some silver and red thrown in for good red loving measure. Very pretty decorations!


  2. I hope you feel better soon! xo

    Love the wintry decor—so pretty.

  3. oh wow, your xmas decorations are amazing xox. i hope you feel better soon gorgeous girl xoxo

  4. Very cute decor, so classy! I know exactly what you mean about feline frenzy over trees and decorations, mine go absolutely mental xx


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