Antiquing for Gifts

Jose and I have been doing pretty much all of our Christmas gift shopping this week, and astoundingly, we're just about finished. On Monday, we took a little trip out to Los Alamos to do a bit of antique treasure hunting for somewhat more unique options. We hit up the big antique mall first, and though there were plenty of interesting things to look at, we were a bit underwhelmed when it came to actually finding things to gift.

Holy cow, am I ever awkward when it comes to standing. For those interested, everything I'm wearing is from Forever 21 except the scarf, which I've had for years so I don't remember where I got it. I love it because the colors remind me of ice cream. Anyway, we searched a few other shops, which all had an even less impressive selection, so we ended up back at the antique mall to make a few more laps and to finally purchase a few nice pieces. I'm almost finished wrapping everything, so soon we can finally sit back and enjoy our much-needed holiday.


  1. I love your ice cream scarf, and antiquing is fun. I'm glad you found what you needed in the end. Happy holidays! x

  2. just found your blog and i'm honestly giggling, it's that cute. love, love, love.

    i'm happy to be your newest follower & would be just tickled if you'd say hi/follow back. also mind if i share one of your buttons on my wall? i'm sure some of my readers would love your blog! cheers.