No Doubt Obsessed

With Gwen Stefani having released her Harajuku Mini line for Target yesterday, I started thinking about the years of my life spent obsessing over No Doubt. I distinctly remember listening to Tragic Kingdom over and over as a preteen, while my mom and I took down the wallpaper in my room and painted the walls, laying the foundation for what would eventually become a wall-to-wall No Doubt shrine of epic proportions (there are photos somewhere but I haven't been able to find them). I collected every single clipping and piece of memorabilia related to the band, and either pasted the clippings into a notebook or taped them to the wall.

I collected full-page articles and photos of the band in a special binder. My school binders were covered with Gwen, Tony, Tom, and Adrian for many years. In fact, it was one of those binders that prompted Jose to say his first words to me in high school, "Cool binder, I love No Doubt!" I guess you could say that the band brought us together, haha.

Gwen was very influential on my style growing up. My love of having pink hair definitely comes from Gwen. I accumulated a couple of weeks' worth of No Doubt tees. I even bought a few bindis as a teen, but never actually wore them.

So far, I've seen No Doubt in concert three times; once opening for U2, once headlining, and once at an outdoor performance for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Though I've been less excited about the band's music since the release of Rock Steady, I would love to see them again when they tour for their upcoming album. I have never been a huge fan of Gwen's solo music; I enjoy two or three of her songs at most, but I continue to admire her style, and I do like some of the products she has released under her L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers brands. For our anniversary this year, Jose bought me a pair of Harajuku Lovers headphones, which included a sweet little carrying case. For my birthday, my cousin gave me the "G of the Sea" frangrance, which smells so beautiful and comes in the most adorable mermaid Gwen container.

Most of pieces from the Harajuku Mini collection are too bright and busy for my taste, but there are a few things I thought were cute, so I went to Target yesterday out of curiosity. I can usually fit into kids' tops without much of a problem (my wedding cardigan was from Target's kid section!), but even the XL tops were very tight on me. The non-clothing items were either gone already, or weren't out yet, so I left empty-handed. Here are my favorites...

Are you or have you ever been a super-fan of any sort? Do you have any huge clipping collections? I'll have to share more of my old binders soon; it's funny looking back at all of the old interests I still hold onto today.


  1. i did like no doubt, but not as much as you. hehhe.

    however i was a super smashing pumpkins and korn fan, and when i was younger used to dress like billy corgan and john davis.

    i also got a smashing pumpkins tattoo at age 19. it says "Adore" and is on my hip.

  2. I think I was 9 when I first heard No Doubt and I was so into them. I didn't have a clue what they were singing about, or anything about music really but I was hooked! I've loved them ever since. Not as much as you. I didn't have a shrine! I had one for Silverchair & The Spice Girls instead!


  3. Deer Donna - I was obsessed with Smashing Pumpkins! Beyond obsessed. I thought I was gonna find a way to marry Billy Corgan, I'm completely serious. I tried to dress like him and D'Arcy. But I'm short and chubby so I probably looked ridiculous, hahaha.

    I was never hugely into No Doubt, but I had Tragic Kingdom and I loved it. They sort of lost me after that, though nowadays when I hear stuff from the later album(s?) I like it.

    I really, really like most of Gwen's first solo album, Love Angel Music Baby, but the second isn't very good, save for like 2 songs. I mean, there are some major stinkers on Love Angel Music Baby ("Luxurious" haha oh my god, that song), but there are also some genuinely enjoyable songs (Hollaback Girl - which I hated when it was new, btw - and What You Waiting For).

    In my experience with pop albums, there are always a few songs where I'm just like? "LOL what? No thanks." Even some of the filler songs on like, Michael Jackson's Off The Wall and Thriller and Bad were really stupid and not very catchy.

    But I couldn't even listen to pop music until I got a boyfriend and he got me into it. I would just change the channel/station immediately. I wasn't interested in music that didn't have a deep meaning behind it. Maybe that's part of growing up? Nowadays I listen to mostly pop music (or stuff that toes the line, like Utada Hikaru), because I get too depressed if I listen to only "meaningful" stuff. Haha. I guess I'm a sell-out now. :P

  4. I liked 'No Doubt' too but definitely was not the die hard fan that you are. I really liked their older stuff. I liked only a few songs from Gwen's solo album.

    I've never really been a die hard fan of any one band/person, although I did go through a phase of complete Depeche Mode loving. Oh and Beetlejuice, I was obsessed with that movie/tv show as a kid and still quite a fan. Is it weird that I would get obsessed over historical events? I wouldn't cut the pictures out of books but I would collect vast amount of books on that subject.

    Anywho wow, kids XL? I couldn't fit into kids XL if I tried, luckily for the kids section I don't try lol. I love all the pieces you picked out, I really like the purse in particular but I have a feeling it will be really hard to find in the store.


  5. i have an embarassingly huge backstreet boys collection. I have 6 3 inch binders full of clippings! i couldn't bring myself to throw them away, so they are in a box in my spare room. i had the backstreet boys wall paper thing going on too. I still like the listen to the cds every now and then for nostalgias sake, and every once in a while nick carter shops in the store i work in and i try to hide how awesome i think that is. haha. i wish my teen obsession had been a little bit cooler.

  6. I REALLY loved this band when I moved to the States! It was THE american ska band, etc. that made it feel like I had a new home. Tragic Kingdom was definitely a favorite but Return of Saturn was also a personal love. what a great memory! thanks for sharing your collection : ) It brings back such good memories xoxo

  7. I liked No Doubt, but like Donna and Jessica, I was a HUGE Smashing Pumpkins fan. When you said your bedroom was a wall-to-wall shrine, I could totally relate. I did the same thing with SP. I collected all the clippings, printed a ton of pics from the internet to decorate my room with, and I even made my own Smashing Pumpkins lunch box in high school.

  8. I absolutely love Gwen and No Doubt - I too have collected quite a collection of clippings revolving around them! I'm really sad to hear you aren't a fan of Gwen's solo stuff however - it's definitely a departure from No Doubt, but it has such a fun energy to it.

  9. I love seeing people's collections & your scrapbook is amazing!

    I was a big fan of Return to Saturn and Rock Steady, and I love Gwen, she's definitely been a style icon of mine. I even copied her pink hair at one point!

  10. I really enjoyed this post. I was also a huge No Doubt fan. I also agree with you about her solo career. There's a few songs I like, but I much rather see her perform with the band.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :)

  11. Haha, the bindis! I totally wore those! I was the only girl in school who did, and it angered my math teacher, who gave me some silly lecture about religious respect. I probably told him that fashion transcends religion! ;D

  12. Wow, it's so interesting to see such a big response to this post, it seems I have a lot of fellow No Doubt lovers out there!

    Lauren: I used to have a ton of Spice Girls stuff too! I think I've sold a lot of it... still have the dolls though.

    Jess & Kailey: Of Gwen's songs, the only ones I like are "Cool" and "Early Winter" and I think that's because they sound the most like No Doubt songs to me. I also think Gwen makes her voice sound so different in her solo material, it kind of rubs me the wrong way at times. I totally get that it's fun, catchy music, and I like lots of other poppy music (I am a huge Shakira fan, haha) but Gwen's solo sound is just not something I particularly enjoy.

    Honeysuckelle: I don't think it's weird to get obsessed over historical events at all; my husband is the hugest history buff, we have huge bookshelves packed with all of his books. And as for the XL kids clothes, I can usually just fit into the tops because I don't have much of a chest to speak of... could never fit into the pants though... super pear shape here.

    Donna, Jess & Christine: Smashing Pumpkins fan club, hehe! I like some SP, I never got way into them though... there are a few songs I really love however. Christine, you should share some of your SP stuff if you still have any of it!

    Rae: Never throw those out, they will be so awesome to have years from now! My next door neighbor used to blast Backstreet Boys CDs and dance in the driveway. I really liked that "Everybody" song. Believe me, I liked plenty of "less cool" music too.

    Andrea: Yay, that is so wonderful! I'm so glad to hear you're a big fan too! I have so many vivid memories related to No Doubt too... the soundtrack to my formative years I guess!

    Kailey: That is fantastic, I bet we have a lot of the same clippings

    Suki: Thank you! That's so cool, I looooove pink hair. I've had it three times, it's the best.

    Meredith: No problem, I love looking back at old interests and keepsakes... I definitely want to do more posts like this.

    Cherany: Oh my gosh, I can totally picture you rocking the bindis! You are way more fashionably adventurous than I am, you're so awesome!

  13. I just came across your blog & got super happy when I saw this post! I looove Gwen too & I also had a room dedicated to No Doubt (and school binders too!) when I was younger!
    So awesome :)
    xo, Jamie

  14. I will always associate No Doubt with you and often when I hear them on my iPod, I think of you or another friend that really loves them and Gwen.

    My biggest obsession when I was a teen was Bush & Gavin Rossdale. I was so head over heels for him and had walls dedicated to him as well. Later, in my late teens, it was Edward Norton.

  15. I've been meaning to comment to this post for a few days, argh procrastination! Anyway, I was suuuuper obsessed with figure skating around the time of the 1994 Olympics (remember the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding knee-whacking debacle?) and had a scrapbook full of magazine clippings, photocopies, and even some skaters' autographs that I got in the mail. I wish I still had it because I'm sure it's even dorkier than I remember.

    Oh, and I was also freakishly obsessed with anime (starting with Sailor Moon) in junior high and into high school. I wallpapered my room and decorated my binder with stuff I printed off the internet. WHY ARE ALL OF MY OLD OBSESSIONS SO EMBARRASSING?

  16. love gwen! her new line of accessories is so cute.

  17. Kinda freaking out over your clipping collection. I threw so much of mine away! But mine was more Angelina Jolie and Drew B than Gwen, although I had a quite a few ND clippings too!

  18. Wow, your notebooks are amazing! Also, I love how you sneaked Daria in! Ahhh, I love nostalgia.

  19. If I had a nickel for every time I talk about the first time I saw the video for I'm Just a Girl...I would have a pretty decent amount of nickels...that video did something to my brain, wanted to be her...still wouldn't mind it!!! She is stupid pretty!!!! (not stupid, it's just stupid how lovely she is, ugh, it hurts me)

    Lovely blog, btw!!!!!

  20. I just came upon your No Doubt post, and I have to say I can completely relate!
    I fell in love with No Doubt a little before Return Of Saturn came out and instantly became hooked. Gwen was the coolest person ever in my eyes, and still is. I collected anything I could get my hands on. I have loads of magazine clippings, posters, HL perfume, etc.
    Not to sound cheesy, but Gwen also inspired me to become me. I took up sewing at an early age trying to imitate her crazy wristbands from the Rock Steady era, then started sewing for myself and completely indulged in all things arts and crafts. I honestly would not be the same person if I never took interest in the band.
    Gwen is seriously the coolest person ever and such a good role model.
    That's my story :)
    This post made me so happy!

    1. That's so awesome, thank you for sharing! How cool that Gwen led you to an interest in sewing (I wish she would've done that for me, I've never been much of a seamstress). I'm glad you enjoyed the post! :)