Honey & Coffee

It's been a while since The Honey Trees have played a show, so I was excited to finally get to see them again last night at Kreuzberg, Ca, a coffee shop and used bookstore in San Luis Obispo. We got there early to grab good seats, and I found a very comfy little blue chair (I want one just like it at home!) while Jose scoped out the huge selection of books.

The decor is quite a bit more "hip" than we are, haha.

I'll never tire of listening to The Honey Trees play; they're always amazing! I'm looking forward to their new album so much, I can't wait! Such beautiful music. And they're such wonderful people as well. Make sure you watch their cover of "Moon River" that's all over the internet.


  1. your hair is getting super long! you look so pretty in that last photo!

  2. Aw thanks Donna :) I got a haircut (& color) yesterday too so it would've been even longer... not sure how long I want to let it grow yet.

  3. What lovely pictures! They have a really cosy atmosphere, just gorgeous ^^

  4. oh hi! Envyparty over here. hehe Looks like a GREAT night! <3

  5. I'm pretty jealous of your hair right now! I listened to their Moon River cover, she has amazing control of her amazing voice! I especially liked the parts when they sang together. Thanks for the intro to them!

  6. you lucky. i wish i was there! and your photography is amazing, like kailey said. :))
    -jocee <3

  7. Thank you so much for introducing me to this band. They are an instant favorite! Also, their cover of "Moon River" is so lovely. Their harmonies are beautiful!
    I then had to listen to their cover of "Edelweiss" as well, and I enjoyed it too. I'm sure they are wonderful to see live. :)

  8. fun!! i wish i could have been there with you!

  9. Hi ! Just discovered your blog (wich is sooooo nice ^^), and I can tell : pink is THE coulour - like THE one, like can't imagine that you're born in an other way ^^
    So, just to say that you're so cute, your blog is soft candy, and, of course, you're style is so cool ( I like the vintage-preppy spirit of your blog)
    Thanx for everything you show us / give us !


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