A Starstruck Swan

I'm back with a few screen captures to share from the Scream Awards. They're mostly shots of me but I've also included a few of the set and my favorite moments. Here is the only actual photo of my table that I could find, but it's pretty tiny!

This is probably the best one, with all of the other lovely swan ladies sitting around Darren Aronofsky's table. At the bottom left of the photo sits Scott Franklin, one of the producers for Black Swan.

I felt kind of silly constantly cheering, most of the time for people or movies I was very unfamiliar with, but that's what we were there for of course. They used this shot of our table again later on in the show, but mirrored the image so we were facing the other way, weird!

Mr. Aronofsky going to accept his Best Director award, and me being genuinely super excited behind him. The picture quality is kind of bad and he looks a little derpy but I love this one!

I know you are but what am I? In the presence of Pee-Wee and Rainn Wilson... a truly awesome moment! Thanks for indulging me and my little starstruck self!


  1. You looked great! I wish I could go to events like that..looks super fun. [plus I'm jealous of your Rainn Wilson moment...have a crush on him. heh]

  2. this would definitely be a great reason to move to LA! what a good reason to get dressed up and you, of course, look awesome. recently I went to a tv taping and, you know, they 'warm' up the audience into a laughing, cheering, clapping frenzy that for the rest of the week found my self seriously exaggerating reactions to funny things : ) great illustration! xo

  3. wow, i am seriously blown away by your costume.. i love it!

  4. Wow how awesome and you look fantastic! Looks like a fun time, I can't imagine going to a Award show, I'd be so nervous and ducking under the table anytime a camera was near me.


  5. So awesome, what an awards show...! You seriously look like Natalie Portman in that first screen cap :)
    Your blog is so fun to read and look at, so glad to have been redirected here :)