The Nightmare Tradition

Last week was the opening of The Nightmare Before Christmas in 4D at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre. Jose wasn't able to go this year, but I carried on the tradition and brought along my friend and fellow Burton-fan Toni. We arrived in Hollywood just before dark, and as we stepped out onto the Walk of Fame, I snapped a few photos of the marquee. A cameraman for a news channel asked to take video of me taking pictures, and then took a shot of the results on my camera display. That was a little weird. We then headed to the theater, and for the first time in my history of attending the show, we had to check all recording devices at the door because they would be sharing some special video clips.

As always, the night started with organist Rob Richards playing the giant Wurlitzer organ (he even played Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor!). Then Don Hahn came out to host the pre-show. The theme for the evening was "Tim Burton: past, present and future," and we got to watch Vincent on the big screen, which was pretty neat. Animator Stephen Chiodo was the guest, and he spoke about the process of making Vincent with Tim. For the most exciting part of the night, we were treated to an exclusive sneak peek of the new stop-motion Frankenweenie, which looks like it will be wonderful!

Then it was time for the feature presentation, so we put our 3D glasses on and experienced Nightmare with blinking Christmas lights, falling snow, overwhelming fog, and the aroma of gingerbread. Once the movie was over, we picked up our cameras, took a few pictures, and headed downstairs to line up for the special puppet and set displays.

Next, we wandered next-door to the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store to have a look around. We decided to share The Oogie Boogie Special, a sundae with pumpkin pie ice cream (wow, so delicious), cookie crumbles, gummy worms, and green marshmallow ooze.

The server came over and told us that they had accidentally made two sundaes, and asked if we wanted the other one for free. Um, yes please!

There was supposed to be a costume contest, but unfortunately that never happened. Oh well, my "always a corpse bridesmaid, never a corpse bride" look will have to be revisited another time.


  1. Oh man, it's been far too long since I've watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. Definitely time to bust out my DVD.

    I'm so excited for the stop-motion Frankenweenie. (Like I even need to tell you.) Too bad Dark Shadows is coming out first, although hopefully that one will be good as well. I really, really want to be a super hardcore Burton fan again! Alice in Wonderland made that so difficult!

  2. you are soooooooooooooooooo beautiful! i wish i had your clothes / body / hair :D

  3. that looks like a perfect night! i can't wait for frankenweenie! the old version was one of my favorites as a kid. i got my dad to rent it for me (our local grocery store randomly had a copy) all the time. i wish i lived near enough to see that exhibit. i love nightmare before christmas so much!

  4. Oh wow, that looks like an amazing event! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Eek They'd never have anything of the sort in Miami of course. Those sundaes look/sound tremendous.

  6. This looks amazing! I wish that we had a fun event like this in Miami! The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite Tim Burton films! I have a large canvas print of Jack Skellington as a rock star hanging about my bar. Happy Halloween!

  7. This looks like such a fabulous event! I love Tim Burton and I especially love 'A Nightmare Before Christmas', it must have been amazing watching it in 3D! I never got to see the movie on the big screen. I love how they decorated the theater and nomnom at the Oogie Boogie sundae.

    I love your outfit, those boots are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing this. I wish we had this event here in the DC area! Wah.


  8. Liezl: Frankenweenie looks like it's going to be fantastic, I loved the clips they showed! I am less excited about Dark Shadows too but I tend to love Tim unconditionally, I try pretty hard to find things to like about everything he does, haha... Planet of the Apes is the only one I absolutely don't care for at all (Mars Attacks isn't that bad but I don't like to watch it because the aliens freak me out way too much).

    Donna & Meredith: Thanks you! :D

    Rae: That movie always makes me tear up a bit!

    Monique & Elisha: I had to drive three hours to get there so it's not exactly close to where I live, but I'm lucky to be semi-close to L.A. though. Looks like you two need to organize a Burton fest in Miami!

    Honeysuckelle: They should release it in theaters in more cities during this time of year I think, I'm sure they'd make a lot of money!