My Heart Belongs to Giant Dwarf

The past couple of months have been pretty crazy. Between having tons of cat troubles, taking on a few additional jobs, watching the general insanity going on in the world, and having many other emotionally draining moments, I have been a bit down. So, a couple of weeks ago, Jose convinced me that I should treat myself to something nice to help cheer me up. That particular something being the beautiful starlette crown by Sue of Giant Dwarf, which I had been drooling over since I first saw it, but wouldn't dream of buying for myself due to our financial situation. When I saw that Sue was offering a discount in order to achieve her 3,000th sale on Etsy, I finally went for it. And I was the lucky 3,000th sale! Sue said she would be sending some extras; ohhhh the excitement!

When the package arrived yesterday, I definitely did a little happy dance. It was a much bigger package than I was expecting, and I literally could not wait to see the treasures inside. I had to document the entire thing of course, it was that awesome of an experience. It seems that Lily was as curious as I was.

She included the sweetest little note.

Lily watched pretty intently as I opened the tissue paper.

My jaw dropped when I saw all of the things Sue had given me.
I almost teared up a bit. She was so generous!

In addition to my starlette crown, she included a starlette sparkler and one of her beautiful rosette fascinators, which is now a retired design. I couldn't believe it.

I am so grateful to Sue for her generosity. It really lifted my spirit, and it made my heart so full to know that such people exist. It made me want to be a better person. Is that too mushy?

This is definitely one of the best things to happen to me. I want to thank Sue so much for putting a skip in my step. And I want everyone who has thought of buying anything from her shop to do so whenever possible, because she is truly a gem. I was lucky enough to have a very brief interaction with her last year at the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair. She is a very sweet lady, and I wish her all the best with her business as it continues to grow.

I'm definitely going to be wearing her creations often!


  1. what a sweetheart. danielle, all of those were MADE for you! you rock them so well!

  2. That is so great, wonderful. I got the chills reading your post.

  3. oh my goodness i love her heart crown, i MUST own one! you look amazing in that star crown too by the way.... what a great thing that you won this 'prize' considering life has been so tough lately. i really believe good things eventually come to good people! you are one of those 'good people' my dear!

    lots of love donna xoxo

  4. Oh you're so lucky! That's so awesome. Oh, and the cute kitty! Just came across your blog, I am definitely following you lady!

  5. Nice! I love the sparkly stars!

  6. YAY! Congratulations. You totally deserve it. I love that starlette crown. It looks so good on you.

  7. Oh, beautiful! I'm also one of those girls who covet the giant dwarf star accessories. (i always imagine them as part of an outfit of a shimmery cabaret flapper.)

  8. beautiful! you pull the stars off so well. and what a wonderful story with all the extras sent your way!