Lost At Sea

For my favorite costume of our Halloween weekend, I went as a sea ghost, while Jose dressed as a dead sailor. It was another hastily thrown together costume, but with slightly more thought and work than the others.

A few weeks ago, I was snooping around a thrift store I'd never set foot in before, when I found a very interesting dress in the formal section. It wasn't something I'd normally pick out for myself, but it was charming in a strange way.

It was only three dollars, and as I found out when I got home, it actually fit me rather perfectly. The pretty seafoam sash made me think of mermaids, so I thought I might use it as some sort of oceanic costume. I searched through my things and picked out different pieces that might support a bedraggled lost-at-sea look.

All of the additional pieces of the costume were put together about an hour before we left the house. I bent a wire hanger for a crown, and my mom was kind enough to let me use some of her seashells and sewing bits (she actually finished putting the crown together while I was getting ready). For the shawl, I found an old piece of net that used to be a hammock for my toys, then wove in some aquarium seaweed I had from when I made myself into a dead pirate for a makeup class final.

I cut out stars for the crown from glittered scrapbook paper. That stuff is so useful, I always make bunting and other things with it. I put on a blonde wig, some pale makeup and glitter, and I was ready to go. Jose looked pretty handsome as a dead sailor! The uniform is actually mine, from the military supply shop, but it's a bit big for me so it fit him.

Here is some inspiration for my look:

Fur Fur, Eugenio Recuenco, Paolo Roversi, Dame Darcy, Mack Sennett

El Día de los Muertos

Here's a little piece I whipped up in honor of today.

A Costume-Heavy Weekend

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! This isn't the big "costume I'm proud of" post; that one will be tomorrow. On Friday, Jose and I painted faces for three straight hours at a school carnival. I had no costume plans whatsoever until about half an hour before the carnival, so I threw together a cat outfit, and then as soon as we got home from face painting, we had a party to attend so I threw together an Edward Scissorhands look.

It turned out pretty decently I guess, I just don't like last-minute costuming!

Yesterday, I tried to get the cats in the spirit, but they were reluctant.

It was a bit of life imitating art!

We had so many plans on all of the days leading up to Halloween, but absolutely none on the actual holiday! We ended up wandering aimlessly around town, dressed as a skeleton and a dead French stereotype (or mime/beatnik?). Though I don't look so dead in that photo, I sure felt dead! By then, I had worn four costumes in three days!

Tomorrow I'll share the costume I wore on Saturday, which actually took a bit of thought and effort.