Last Minute Decorating

I just completed the final touches on our Halloween decorations.

I've been working on little projects here and there.

But it took me a while to finally have time to put it all together.

At least I can leave it up for a few days to celebrate Día de los Muertos.

Have a Happy Halloween, and don't forget to take a look-see at my Etsy!
Costume updates will be coming soon!

Tender Lumplings Everywhere

Last week we made another journey to Hollywood to see the special
opening night showing of The Nightmare Before Christmas in 4D.

There was some sort of red carpet event going on across the street.

This is one of our October traditions, though we weren't able to go last year.

The theater was decorated with skeletons, pumpkins, and Christmas lights.

The organist played plenty of spooky tunes, as well as some Disney melodies.
As usual, producer Don Hahn was there to introduce the film.

There was a costume contest; had I known, I would've dressed up a bit!

The most exciting part of the night was seeing Danny Elfman again. He talked a bit about his career, his collaborations with Tim Burton, and his upcoming projects. There was also a presentation about the soon to be released Elfman & Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box, which I soooo wish I could buy. At the end of the discussion, the theater played a special taped message from Tim Burton, which turned into a very weird horror scene much like The Ring or The Grudge, ending with Tim being attacked by a creepy blueish woman with hair in her face. Anyway, the 4D effects for the most part were rather forgettable, and the fog machine had everyone in the theater coughing and unable to see the screen for about a minute, but all in all, it was a fun night!

Cats In Costumes & Etsy Shop

Lily is my favorite kitty ever, and I've known quite a few. He's a cuddler; he loves to nuzzle my face. Whenever I say something to him, he seems to answer with his cute little squeaky meow. He's my baaaaaby. Okay, this is probably getting ridiculous.

Anyway, Lily and our other cat, Sweeney, both have pretty big personalities; perfect for cartoons and comics. About a week ago, the idea popped into my head that it would be funny to make a little book of our cats dressed up in various costumes for Halloween.

Both cats are really fun to draw, and I loved coming up with all of the silly costumes they could wear. After a few days of working on my illustrations, I've finished my very first little zine / book.

It is up for sale at my brand new Etsy Shop, so if you're interested, please buy it! There's only one up there right now but don't worry, I'll keep restocking if it actually gets purchased.

This is just a glimpse of the ridiculousness inside.

I will also be listing some prints of my art in the next few days, so check back!

Pumpkin Hunting

Yesterday was our friend Danica's birthday, and she invited us to her party, where there was to be pumpkin carving! So Jose and I stopped by the Avila Barn to pick out some pumpkins for the occasion.

I honestly don't think I'd ever carved a pumpkin in my life, but I knew I wanted a white one. I always feel like getting all Martha Stewart-ish for Halloween, and the white pumpkins seem more classy.

It was so hot and the lighting was really harsh, but we got some decent photos.

Jose went the traditional route.

Danica had lots of neat decorations and lights up.

She also made this cute little hamburger pumpkin.

My pumpkin needs some work still; some evening up of the scooped-out parts, but I guess it's okay for my first attempt. Jose's turned out great! There are many more Halloweenie things to come, so I will be sharing more soon!