Going to San Francisco

I am super excited to go to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco tomorrow! I might not even buy anything but it'll be fun to look around at all of the nifty things, and there's going to be a photobooth. A lot of really talented artists and crafters are going to be there. Here are some of my favorites of the over 250 vendors (sheesh, that's so many!).

Uppercase Journal, The Black Apple, Giant Dwarf, Hillary Bird, Matty Cipov, Mis Nopales Art, Nora Aoyagi, Oh, Hello Friend, Red Velvet Art, Twinkie Chan

I'm looking forward to seeing them in person, but I'm afraid I might be too shy to actually go up and talk with any of them. Hopefully I can get over being a chicken! Anybody else going?

Not Made for the Desert

The fabulous lady Agent Lover just posted about her vacation in Palm Springs and it reminded me that I haven't shared my own PS vacation, which we took earlier this month. Why does the photo above include a book about vintage L.A. (by one of my heroes, J.B. Taylor)? Well, I finally found this gem of a book at a store in Palm Springs and spent most of the vacation reading it in the hotel, hiding from the ungodly heat!

It looks like Hawaii here!

We took photobooth pictures at the amazing Ace Hotel on our anniversary.

We had to visit the Cabazon Dinosaurs from Pee Wee's Big Adventure!
Also seen in my online pal Michelle's adorable wedding portraits.

I probably looked rather goofy for the entire vacation.
Check out my bathing cap and that creepy bronze Sonny Bono!

And of course there were many palm trees.
I don't know if I ever need to go back there; at least not in summer.
I can't handle those temperatures, I am not a sane person in three-digit temps!

Hooray for Holga

It must have been several years ago when I got a Holga, and a lomo fisheye camera. The fisheye's lens randomly fell apart and I couldn't put all of the pieces back the right way, so the photos turned out pretty horribly. I was so afraid of what might happen with the Holga, that I didn't use it until a year ago. Then I kept the finished roll of film for another whole year before I had it developed.

When I picked up my photos a couple of weeks ago, I was beyond pleased!

I'm not much of a photographer, but I think I did well for my first roll.

Since the photos are all a year old, it's almost like opening a time capsule.

The two photos above were taken by Jose, everything else is by me.

Holga can even make a minigolf course look truly surreal and magical.

You can see some of these photos bigger at my Flickr.
I can't wait to start using the camera more often!

Happy 55th, Disneyland!

Fifty-five years ago today, Walt Disney opened the happiest place on earth.

Disneyland is definitely one of my all-time favorite spots to visit.

I love all of the little decorative details throughout the park.

Every visit is special, and I feel lucky to be able to fairly often.

You look fabulous for your age!

Looking Mighty Dapper

Sometime last month on Forever21.com, I spotted a very swanky pair of spectator oxfords, my dream shoes! During a weekend in the L.A. area, my mom & I set out on a mission to hunt down a pair. We visited three stores. Only one had a pair at all, and they were too small (my big feet are hard to please; I'm anywhere from a 9 to a 10). I ended up getting them online right before they were completely sold out.

Then last week at Kohls, they had almost the exact shoe, but nicer and for less! They're on the left. I bought them intending to send the first pair back, but upon returning home I found that the box and return info had gone out with the recycling... so shhhhh, I think I might keep them both.

I don't know why but I absolutely love tuxedo-like clothing for women. Marlene Dietrich in a tux is iconic, Diane Keaton always looks snazzy in a suit, and I think Janelle MonĂ¡e has definitely made menswear on females an "in" thing.

When I saw the tuxedo bodysuit by Zac Posen for Target, it seemed to me like the perfect garment. I almost did a whole post dedicated to it but I guess that's a bit crazy. I only have this photo from the dressing room, since the weather is too hot to wear it out at the moment.

Maybe I just wish I could be dapper and charming like Fred Astaire.
Unfortunately, I can only pretend. I might need some spats first.

1. Aristocracy Top, 2. Mini Top Hat, 3. Tarina Tarantino Heart Necklace, 4. Fred Astaire's Finest Hour, 5. Bow-rette Hair Clip, 6. Alice Watch Necklace, 7. OPI Black Onyx, 8. Too Good to be True Dress, 9. Back Rock Spectators, 10. Chain Mail Coin Purse, 11. Cute Plastic Bow Ring, 12. Deena & Ozzy Oxford

Red, White, and Blue... and Pink!

As you can see, my big birthday present was getting my hair done pink at HepKat Beauty Parlor! It's so nice to be pink again. My friends also brought me some delicious red velvet cupcakes! We went out to a nice spot and Jose tooks some photos.

We didn't go crazy with fireworks... personally I really just care for sparklers.

I hope all of you in the U.S. had a great Independence Day, and that everyone else had a nice Sunday! What did you do?

The Greatest Birthday On Earth

My birthday is coming up on Sunday (yes, I am as many have commented over the years, a "firecracker" baby). With nothing planned as of yet, I thought I would do what I did last year and make an inspirational collage for what I think would be a perfect day.

Piano Man Umbrella, Red & White Handmade Bunting, Diana F+ Camera Kit, Stayton Dress, The Bearded Lady Print, Paper Straws, Saddle Shoes, Starlette Crown

This time I was inspired by Emily Martin's new Lost on the Midway series, which is definitely one of my favorite collection of paintings pretty much ever. I've always been very interested in the aesthetic of the circus and the funfair; my wedding even had a vintage Coney Island theme. Right now I'm reading two novels set at the circus: Water for Elephants and The Circus in Winter.

As for my birthday wish list, what I really want is lots of art from my favorite artists!

1. Devon Smith, 2. Wool & Water, 3. Danny Brito, 4. Brigette Barrager, 5. Eva Juliet, 6. Lucy Knisley, 7. Doublespeak, 8. The Black Apple, 9. Mel Stringer

Also, gift certificates to Forever 21 or ModCloth; I could go batty finding things on those sites. And this felt deer kit because I want to make lots of little fawn softies! But my biggest birthday gift will be revealed in a few days...