Rock 'n Roll Bride

I have really been slacking with drawing and painting lately, so I thought of one way to keep the art (and blog posts) flowing; to start doing portraits of some of my favorite bloggers. First up is the lovely pink-tressed Kat Williams of Rock 'n Roll Bride.

Photography by Rosie Parsons & David McNeil

I first discovered Rock 'n Roll Bride when Kat was kind enough to feature our wedding on her blog, and I've been following her ever since. Kat always manages to showcase the most gorgeous photography and adorable couples. She seems to be blogging about fun, fabulous, unique weddings all day long because she posts so many awesome things! She is a girl after my own heart, and of course you know I love (and am jealous of) her gorgeous hair! Be sure to check out her blog, and her flickr.


I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day / Singles Awareness Day! I didn't go too all-out on decorations this time; the day snuck up on me way too quickly and I was super busy working on Valentine crafts in the classroom where I work. I did make a little banner out of some vintage Valentine cards I found on Flickr and printed out.

Today I saw that one of my Flickr contacts made a super-cute vintage Valentine garland and posted a tutorial for it on her blog here, if you want to make one yourself.

One really nice thing about working in an elementary school class is that the students are very generous on holidays; I received three big heart-shaped candy boxes, a teddy bear, and a ton of Valentines! I passed out cards featuring The Lorax (my very favorite Dr. Seuss story), which doubled as bookmarks.

Hope you all had a sweet day!

I Heart Macarons

Last month during a trip to Las Vegas, I bought some Parisian macarons at Bouchon Bakery, which is located inside the Venetian. They were absolutely delicious and way bigger than any macarons I've ever had. They came in a package of six: Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Lemon, Orange, and either Rasberry or Strawberry. Definitely the best I've tasted so far. I was sad to eat them all!

The pink one was stuck to the orange one so when I took them apart, the hole was actually in the shape of a heart! Perfect for Valentines Day.

Look how huge they are!

Yesterday at Anthropolgie I spied one copy of I Love Macarons by Hisako Ogita. I've been wanting the book for a long time and I couldn't believe that there was an actual copy in a store, so I snapped it up. I'm not really a baker (I've never actually tried) but the book has beautiful photography and detailed instructions on making the cookies, so we'll see if I ever get around to attempting to make those cute little pastries.