Illustration Friday - Acrobat

Illustration Friday - Acrobat

I'm currently reading Geek Love (and loving it!), so when I saw that this week's theme for Illustration Friday was "acrobat," I knew right away that I wanted to work some eerie conjoined twins into the picture. I am actually really happy with how this looks, where as I'm often sort of "eh" about the work I turn out for the challenges, since I usually wait all week and then scramble to get them done. As usual, I'm posting this at the last possible second, so probably nobody will get to look at it.


  1. Ok just looked up geek love it sounds like one bizzare book. I would probably enjoy it.

    A delightfull piece of art you have done here

  2. Hey thats very cool...and like you i'm only just beginning my image for this week too! slack!! anyhow fun image great style too :)

  3. Your illustrations are so beautiful,
    they make me want to start drawing and painting again!

    BTW Thank you for the comment on my page!



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