I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day / Singles Awareness Day! I didn't go too all-out on decorations this time; the day snuck up on me way too quickly and I was super busy working on Valentine crafts in the classroom where I work. I did make a little banner out of some vintage Valentine cards I found on Flickr and printed out.

Today I saw that one of my Flickr contacts made a super-cute vintage Valentine garland and posted a tutorial for it on her blog here, if you want to make one yourself.

One really nice thing about working in an elementary school class is that the students are very generous on holidays; I received three big heart-shaped candy boxes, a teddy bear, and a ton of Valentines! I passed out cards featuring The Lorax (my very favorite Dr. Seuss story), which doubled as bookmarks.

Hope you all had a sweet day!


  1. Awe, how cute! Thomas and I went to a county fair and almost got hitched ;p

  2. I love your garland! I'm a big fan of garlands and of kitschy, vintage things. :)

    I want to see your Lorax valentines! I've always simultaneously loved and been freaked out by that book.

  3. your vintage-inpsired valentine's day garland turned out great!