Spooky House

We don't really have money to spend on Halloween decorations, so I decided to make some decorations this year. I painted and sewed some bunting featuring classic movie monsters: Dracula, The Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein's Monster and his Bride, and The Mummy. I printed out stencils and painted each monster, then sewed all of the triangles onto a ribbon. I think it turned out well!

We made masks for our portrait and I cut bat silhouettes from black construction paper.

I also printed out a lot of nifty Halloween things from the internet.

Have a great Halloween, everyone!

The Raven

poe and the raven

After finding the heart sleeve top I wanted for my swan costume in black only, my husband and I decided to dress instead as Edgar Allan Poe and The Raven. I'm not going to take credit for this great idea, it was my mom's. She always used to make my costumes growing up, so she knows what she's talking about. This is also a much more spooky, Halloween-appropriate style, plus it lets us go as a cohesive couple, which we haven't done before.

The Raven

Tomorrow I'd like to show off a Halloween banner I made for our house, featuring my favorite classic movie monsters. I always get excited for Halloween, but it always goes by too quickly. I'm scrambling to finish decorating in time, even though our house usually has spooky things up all year anyway.

Swan Lake

Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday. This year, I decided that I could be Lucy Ricardo since I recenty dyed my hair red. While searching for a Lucy-style ensemble at the newly opened Forever 21 in my area, I wandered over to the hair accessories and spotted a lovely little white feather plume hair clip. I thought it would make a great headpiece for a swan costume. I envisioned something like this:
Birthday Party

I became rather attached to the idea of an avant garde fashion-inspired swan, but unfortunatey the store only had that top in black, so now I've got an entirely new costume in the works, which I will reveal in my next post.