Pinkie Pinkie

I wasn't kidding when I said I was craving pink hair! Ah, much better now. Thanks to the fabulous Jen at one of my favorite places, HepKat Beauty Parlor. And that's our new kitty, the ever-so-cute but extremely violent Lily.

To celebrate, here are a handful of gorgeously rosy gals.

1. strawberry bundt cake., 2. rock n roll bride 0013, 3. which one you want to nibble?, 4. pinkcurls, 5. Gwen Stefani, 6. 03.25.09, 7. 8.9.07 outtake, 8. Can our love, 9. Milkeyway galaxy.

It makes me want to write my own version of that Beyonce song, but call it "Pink Ladies"... "All the pink ladies, now put your hands up!"